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Whats Your Choice-tell me! April 19, 2009

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When you heard a song without music or without voice part ,there is a another nature of art.

Story which derives my concept ::
One day I heard a song and it had only voice part ,no music. It felt me better than it original song.The real beauty is in there.As a example “Yaani” and such a music creators are dealing with this concept.Those are meditations to us.

by Udaya Shamendra


Introducing CONCEPT! April 17, 2009

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This is a new concept driven on music and it's field.
It will be revolutionary and more portable for new comers to the music world.
All concepts are copyright reserved. (C) Udaya Shamendra .::

CONCEPT– ” .5 music” or “point5music” or “P5M”

.5 mean half.I think it represent the whole concept.My concept only driven on the size of the all measurable parts of the song or musical part.

Eg:- 1.Normally a playtime of a song is 4 to 6 minutes. But In this concept song will limited to it’s half.(2 to 3 minutes)

2.Think the Instruments Using to make a song is 8.We use 4 in our new concept.

According to methods in examples we can make a beautiful more attractive song easily by using “P5M” concept.

This reduction concept is not a tough manner, you can use this as way you like and way you feel.

by Udaya Shamendra (UD.SHA)

ududsha@yahoo.com – ududsha@gmail.com



“Point 5 Music” – P5M April 16, 2009

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Point5Music [(C)Udaya Shamendra] is the new concept of the state of Art Music and it would be a perfectly matching framework for WORLD!
by Udaya Shamendra (UD.SHA)